omakase course

19 courses including appetizer, soup, nigiri with dessert

$260 / person

The number and kinds of nigiri may vary due to seasonality and market availability.

sake pairing

Enhance your dining experience by opting for our sake pairing service to complement your course. Our expertly curated selection of sake is thoughtfully paired with each dish, providing a harmonious blend of flavours and enhancing the overall culinary journey. Elevate your experience with our exceptional sake pairing option.

On Friday and Saturday, we offer an A la Carte option at the end of our Omakase course, available for an additional charge. Please note that its availability may vary depending on the pace of the course on that particular day.

Allergy and Dietary restrictions must notify the staff at the restaurant minimum of 2 days prior to the reservation. We may not be able to accommodate the course on the day without the notice in advance.

Omakase at Home

Chirashi Bowl

premium omakase
tasting box

tasting box